Program Philosophy

Programs are grounded in person centered techniques of assessment and program planning to support students in reaching their highest level possible in independent living and vocational skill development. Goal setting techniques are taught early in each student’s program that focus upon setting short term goals that lead to reaching long term goals. Students are taught to set SMART goals that are “specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound”. Goals are discussed frequently and celebrated when realized to promote student accountability.  Students are encouraged to talk about their goals and help each other reach targeted goals.

A unique model of Roosevelt Warm Springs (RWS) Discovery provides an alternative to or supplements traditional assessment services. This model focuses on the identification of three (3) simple, yet powerful, pieces of information unique to each student: 1) the Contributions they will bring to the workplace; 2) their unique Interests, and 3) the Conditions they will need for success. Every student is provided an opportunity to participate in RWS Discovery whether through a pre-admissions assessment or counselor facilitated RWS Discovery activities after admissions. The residential settings of our campuses allow RWS Discovery to take place in variety of areas in each student’s life.

RWS program philosophies support students in the development of self-determination and self-advocacy. Learning opportunities are offered through courses, student led progress meetings and participation in student organizations. Leadership is also emphasized as part of student development in a variety of campus opportunities and community activities. Our program philosophy serves as the foundation in the development of programs and services that prepare students for successful transition to competitive employment, independence and life-long citizenship.