The Roosevelt Warm Springs (RWS) Vocational Rehabilitation program is grounded within a person-centered model to service delivery. Through setting goals and planning services around each student, supports and resources are identified and put into place that will best meet the individualized interests and needs of each student.
RWS uses the Discovery model of assessment as an alternative or supplement to traditional vocational evaluation services. This unique approach focused on three aspects of an individual’s life that provides sufficient direction for success:
1) Conditions for successful employment
2) Interests toward certain aspects of the job market
3) Contributions to employers
The framework of these conditions has proven to be fully sufficient to guide efforts to achieve successful employment. The residential setting at RWS allows Discovery to take place in many aspects of the students’ lives to identify those conditions that will ensure success in reaching vocational goals.
Promoting self-determination has been recognized as a best practice in the education of individuals with disabilities since the early 1990s, when the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) mandated increased student involvement in transition planning. Promoting self-determination involves addressing the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for students to take more control over and responsibility for their lives. Goal attainment represents the keystone to self-determined behavior.
From person-centered planning to the development of self-determination and self-advocacy skills, it is the successful transition to employment, independence, and community involvement that guides planning with each student and for our programs.
Roosevelt Academy
The Roosevelt Academy offers traditional vocational and life skills programming. Transition from high school to employment is a challenging experience for any student and even more so for students with disability. The Roosevelt Academy assists students in developing work attitudes, personal characteristics, interpersonal skills, work behaviors, etc. to achieve success in the workplace.
Roosevelt Academy curriculum is provided in classroom settings, group activities and on work sites. Completion of the Roosevelt Academy will support a student’s readiness for employment and in some cases, readiness for advancement into the RWS Career and Technical Education program of study or post-secondary training in their local community.
Career & Technical Education         
  • Business Information Technology
  • Certified Nursing Assistant / Home Health Aide
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Driver Education
  • Hospitality
  • Forklift
  • Horticulture
  • Printing Technology